Birthday Parties

Let Magic KOZ make your birthday party special. Magic KOZ provides many options for birthday parties, including theming the show to coordinate with the rest of your party.

Does your child want to perform the magic? Magic KOZ can make that happen by allowing the birthday child to be the primary assistant who makes the magic happen. Party goers will have the thrill of assisting Magic KOZ with many of the routines, allowing everyone to have a great time.

If you children are not into magic, perhaps they might want to interact with Magic KOZ's many ventriloquism figures. Each of Magic KOZ's figures has a different personality so there is fun for everyone.

Balloon sculpture is fun for kids as they watch the long, straight balloons transform into different animals and other creations. The birthday child will receive a special sculpture that no other child at the party will get, allowing him or her to be the center of attention.