Magic KOZ can provide strong magic that will draw people in and allow them to hear the message of the Gospel at community days, outreach events, Sunday School or Sunday service.

For community days, Magic KOZ can provide walk around ventriloquism, tent ventriloquism or magic in your booth or on the central stage. Magic for this type of event can have a low key presentation of the Gospel as well as mention of your church or ministry.

For outreach events, a stronger Gospel message can be provided, focusing on the need for salvation and the one true way to it through the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross. During outreach events, a mix of fun and serious magic bring enjoyment while presenting the vital message of the Gospel.

For Sunday School, Magic KOZ can present the stories of the Old and New Testament in exciting and memorable ways, allowing the attendees to see the stories in new a new way through ventriloquism and magic.

For church services, Magic KOZ can do just a sermon, a portion of the service or the full service. (No, Magic KOZ is not a priest nor does he perform as one in the service. Priestly duties are left to those elevated to those positions.) Sermons may include magic used to illustrate sermon points, ventriloquism used to perform a short drama and a visit from a costumed Bible character telling his story in the first person. Although Magic KOZ does not perform female Bible characters, he can perform as a person who was witness to the events surrounding one.